Welcome to the Blorbs Wiki

This Wiki is for the Blorbs realm created by Elendra to aid players in the current incarnation of the game on Roleplayer Guild. It is a collection of player known knowledge that has been confirmed by the creator about creatures, other blorbish races, and the workings of the realm. All artwork is credited to the respective artist, and all offical artwork is credited to Elendra.

What is Blorbs?

Blorbs is webcomic and forum game series that was created by Elendra on the Roleplayerguild website. Blorbs is named for the primary species of the world that it takes place in, the Blorb. A blorb is a small spherical creature covered in a coat of white fur, that has a single disembodied hand. It lives in a world full of whimsy, and wonder, full of marvelous fantastic creatures, most of which are actively trying to kill all blorbs. With ingenuity, and the quite tangible power of teamwork, Blorbs carve out a safe home in a mad world.

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